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Live ScreenSavers for Hospitality Customers


Hospitality Applications that include ScreenSavers can be created using the Live Application Builder combined with the Mitel Live Content Suite ( ScreenSavers can be programmed with Live Content, or with static content such as a corporate hotel logo. Live Content ScreenSavers can provide either Advertising/Concierge information through a Live Blog, or Live Weather information.


For details on how to create this type of Live ScreenSaver for a Hospitality Application, please consult the Mitel Application Builder User’s Guide, located here.


ScreenSavers for 5320/30/40 phones

If you are looking to create and deploy a ScreenSaver across an organization for any of your Mitel IP display phones, just click on the Run AppBuilder Button on the left. You can now simply and quickly create free ScreenSavers for your Mitel 5320/30/40 phones.


What does it Cost to use AppBuilder?

Nothing! Current AppBuilder applications are provided for creation, demonstration, download and use by Mitel Business Partners free of charge. All applications built with the convenience of the AppBuilder online wizard tool, including ScreenSavers, do require the phone to have a valid HTML Toolkit 2 license.


Live Content Suite

If you are looking to create and deploy individualized ScreenSaver content, you can do this and much more using the Live Content Suite, available at  


Live Content Suite is available for free for 5320, 5330, 5340 and 5360 IP Phone users equipped with an HTML Toolkit license. Live Content Suite provides an easy to use web interface for programming all functions on these phones, including (for display phones) live content such as weather, RSS feeds, etc.